Working from Home: The Benefits

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Whether we like it or not, many of us have been forced to work from home in recent months. Some of us will have struggled with Zoom conference calls with increasingly feral children bursting through the ‘home office’ door in excitement. Working from home will not always be like this – children will eventually go back to school, which will leave a peaceful working environment for those seriously considering it in the future.

The Benefits

For a company seriously considering making a move to remote working across their workforce it can yield some significant benefits. Let us look at some concrete benefits that a remote workforce can bring.

Talent Pools: No longer will your hires need to be within a commutable distance of your location. Yes, it might be preferable if they are within a few hours’ drive to attend monthly meetings – but it isn’t a necessity. This opens a vast array of possibilities for companies and staff too. You can get the very best person for your company without being constrained by commutes, traffic and poor infrastructure.

Offices? What Offices?

You may still have an office, but making the move to remote working could mean a chance to downsize your premises. This should see you save money by reducing business rates, rent and other expenses like office supplies, snacks and general utility bills.

More Productive Time and Greater Productivity

No longer stressed out by their morning commute, better rested by a bit of a lie in and better off because they do not have to pay for travel, your staff will be more productive, more of the time. Ctrip, a Chinese travel agency, found that employee’s productivity increased by more than 13% across the board – which equates to an extra working day a week.

Reducing Congestion and Emissions

More of a benefit for society as a whole is the reduction of traffic congestion and pollution from hundreds of thousands of workers commuting every day.

None of this is at all possible without a solid IT infrastructure in place. Having the right systems for your company will be the difference between employees flourishing with their new arrangements or feeling isolated, being unproductive and ultimately leaving for a company with an office space.

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