The Pandemic and Software

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The recent global struggle against Covid-19 has changed the working world for many companies and seen the closure of thousands of businesses. But for just about every business that survives, or even thrives during these times there will be a common theme: software.

 What is changing?

Well, simply put it is all about forced digital transformation. Companies are no longer holding off on transformation ideas because of ifs or buts. We’re all being forced into choosing between adapting to the changing world or to be consigned to the statistics as another business that didn’t make it through the crisis.

It is all about communication

It will come as no surprise that the volume of software development roles has seen an 8% uptick since this all began and a 5.4% increase on software spending from last year. With just about everyone (who can) working from home businesses need to break down geographical barriers with systems that allow collaboration, communication and truly connect their workers. So, what features or systems do people consider vital going forward?

  • Cloud migration is a key consideration for businesses that have yet to adopt cloud systems – true access from anywhere capabilities mean geographical barriers do, truly, become a thing of the past and set the tone for the rest of the systems you decide to implement.
  • Collaboration tools that allow you to work on projects simultaneously as you would in an office environment. Gone are the days of a single excel spreadsheet, which becomes unwieldy, buggy and prone to crashing and data loss.
  • Document storage that is secure, easy to access and can be used by many at once. This becomes even more important for those businesses that need a paper trail for compliance.
  • Security: with a greater number of systems how can you be sure each one is secure?
  • A solid CRM system that allows you to capture data easily, keep track of interaction with customers and allows for automation will bring your sales & marketing efforts into the modern age.

The list isn’t going to surprise many people, but if you get the basics right, with well thought out specifications and requirements detailed before you pick a system off the shelf, you’re well on your way to digital transformation. Though, it can be nigh-on-impossible to find a system that does what you need to it. That’s where bespoke software can help to transform your business – with systems that are designed to do exactly what you want them to, no workarounds and no hit and miss API feeds.

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Of course, you might not know where to begin with your own project.

It might start as an idea or a goal and without the right expertise it will probably stay that way. All of the best pieces of software have a business objective at their heart, but expertise can turn that into steps towards that goal. Let’s talk, get in touch and we’ll discuss how software can take you there.

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