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The Search for Software

Finding the right software for your business can be a challenge, you can be forced to compromise on some of your requirements at times when settling for an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. Implementing new processes to fit the system, taking on additional software to fulfil missing functionality it can make the search for a software difficult and uninspiring.

EP Software believe it does not have to be this way, you can have bespoke software which meets all of your businesses needs and does not require masses of compromise to facilitate its integration.


There is another way. A system that is powerfully in-tune with your needs and develops alongside your flourishing business is possible.

Bespoke software that is created to drive your business forward, with your requirements at the heart of every feature and in collaboration with a network of industry experts who guide us in what works and what doesn’t in each industry can transform your business. It will save you time implementing a system that doesn’t quite ‘fit’ and without having to change the way in which you work.

What makes your business successful is unique, and a system that acknowledges that can help you grow by saving you time, money and ultimately scaling with your growing business – whichever way it diversifies. To find out how we can help you take your business forward, in the direction you want –

Another Way

Meet EP Software

We understand that when you make the decision to trust a software developer, you’re putting a lot in their hands: potentially the future of your business. The pillars of how we work are your requirements, cutting edge tech and the knowledge of industry experts.

That’s why we stay connected to the ‘real-world’ and the industries that our software is used in and developed for. We have a network of industry experts (accountancy, payroll and marketing experts to name a few) that we work with to make sure the software we develop is not only effective, but also futureproof too.

Your requirements are combined with industry expertise, our flexible workforce and the latest technology like Blockchain. This allows us to provide you with software that does what you need it to, takes your business to the next level and adapts to your changing needs.

We take a collaborative approach to each project and will work with you to take your software requirements from the drawing board and develop them into a system that helps you meet your business objectives.

Your Project

We believe that just about every business should view technology as a central pillar of their organisation. It can allow you to gain a competitive edge and provide a foundation for further growth. You are in control and we work to your specifications across a broad range of different projects:


The dream of a paperless office is still alive and well thanks to document management systems: the modern-day electronic filing cabinet. But they are much more than just a ‘filing cabinet’. An exceptional document management software will get the basics right but also improve workflows, incorporate collaboration tools and integrate with other systems, allowing seamless scanning and storage among many other features.


Blockchain is one the latest and greatest developments in the software world, fortunately we have the knowledge and experience to help you make the most of this decentralised, transparent and immutable tech. As with most new and exciting developments, Blockchain has received a great deal of attention and with good reason. But that doesn’t mean it is suitable for every single project and system. We’ll work with you to make sure it’s the most appropriate use of Blockchain and other new software infrastructures.

Mobile App

They say the future is in the palm of your hands and that has never been truer than today. But, it’s still not easy to get your app right from the get-go. There was a time when creating a mobile app was the ‘thing to do’, fortunately we are beyond that now and businesses are focusing on adding real value with their mobile applications. A great mobile app can change the way in which organisations work, but a bad app can be a money-pit that never gains traction and fails to tap into the behaviours of your workforce.


When your software developer has let you down – we’ll step in and take it through to completion and beyond. Not every software developer is suitable for every piece of software. Sometimes a project doesn’t work out, whether it’s because of a breakdown in communication or differing styles – we are on hand to pick up the pieces and forge ahead to help you meet your business objectives.


A solid project management system can be the difference between meeting your deadlines or not and, ultimately keeping the customers you have. Whether you are looking for a simple planning tool or a more comprehensive system that incorporates the nuances of your industry, billing, budgeting, collaboration and much more – EP Software can transform your ideas into a system that your business will use for many, many years to come.


Still on the frontlines, the desktop is where most of the action happens in most businesses and we’re well versed in desktop applications that offer simple solutions to complex problems. They say a bad workman blames his tools, but a good workman will have the right tool for the job, every time. A great desktop application that fits in with your business, it’s processes and culture can be the difference between success and failure.